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MeropeStyle® – Surgical Shoe



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  • MeropeStyle® – Surgical Shoe

    In order to enhance rapid healing and minimize pain following foot surgeries, the affected foot needs to be protected from compression and jolts. This also applies to the treatment of other indications like diabetic ulcerations (gangrenes), which involves both immobilisation and protection of the affected area. In such cases protected mobilisation of the patient requires more than a bandage. The MeropeStyle® Trauma Post OP shoe is both water-resistant and breathable. Its soft padding protects the foot from compression or jolts.

  • MeropeStyle® – Forefoot Relief Shoe

    Many injuries and diseases affecting the forefoot area require maximum relief of the metatarsal heads and the toes. This might be the case after surgery or during the treatment of e.g. diabetic ulcerations. With such indications, the weight needs to be fully transferred to the heel, relieving the forefoot from load and compression.