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    Injuries and surgeries in the area of the diaphragm and ribs often require solid support of the entire affected region. This support needs to provide both, constant stability and sufficient elasticity to allow for thoracic mobility so as not to restrict free breathing of the patient. Different anatomical conditions of the patients require the brace to have flexible adjustment features. As the brace is used over a long period of time, the material used should be skin-friendly and breathable. The MeropeStyle® Thorafix® SurgIBinder™ Postoperativ Rib Fracture Brace meets all of these requirements. In contrast to orthopaedic braces this surgical brace enhances mobility, at the same time stabilising the surgical wound area. Despite the controlled compression it exerts, the brace allows for sudden expansive motions of the lungs for instance during coughing. Thus, the MeropeStyle® Thorafix® SurgIBinder™ Postoperativ Rib Fracture Brace allows for deep respiration, which is necessary in some therapies and has a relieving effect on the patient. Therefore the brace contributes to accelerated recovery, reduces pain and prevents pneumonia.