MeropeStyle® – OmoRest®

Shoulder surgeries are known for their protracted healing process. In order to provide for undisturbed recovery, the affected limb requires fixation. The brace should allow for rapid access to the surgical wounds and should be easy to put on and take off, e.g. during physiotherapy. Therefore shoulder braces need to offer two important features: reliable immobilisation of the shoulder and easy access to the affected region.


The brace is fixed by two straps, one of which is positioned around the neck, the other around the back, fixing the arm in front of the body. The Velcro fasteners allow the attending physician to optimally adjust the MeropeStyle® OmoRest® Plus shoulder immobilisation brace. This enables safe fixation of the shoulder and upper arm and provides optimal adjustment to the patient’s individual anatomy. The brace enables the physician to achieve optimal immobilisation of the affected limb, at the same time allowing for easy access through the cut-outs in the shoulder and elbow areas. Due to practical snap mechanisms it is easy for the patient to put on and take off the brace. Moreover the brace does not require readjustment after each use. To date the MeropeStyle® OmoRest® Plus shoulder immobilisation brace has allowed for optimal fixation by the attending physician in all cases.


  • Immobilisation of the shoulder
  • Following shoulder or elbow surgeries
  • After shoulder injuries or diseases
  • Distortion
  • Rotator injuries
  • Luxation of the shoulder
  • Periarthritis humeroscapularis
  • Fracture of the scapula
  • Fractures of the humerus/humeral shaft


The MeropeStyle® OmoRest® Plus shoulder immobilisation brace allows for stable fixation and easy access to the affected areas

  • Velcro fasteners allow for optimal adjustability
  • Velcro fasteners allow for easy use
  • Two straps provide for high therapeutic safety
  • High wearing comfort
  • Ecotest-certified, skin-friendly material

Article Sizes:

OB2020S Small/Medium left-right <30 cm 28 cm 120 cm 80 cm 34 cm
OB2030L Large/XLarge left-right 30 cm> 31 cm 120 cm 80 cm 36 cm

UAC – Upper arm circumference
FC – Forearm circumference
UAS – Upper arm strap
SS – Shoulder strap

Device No: